Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anger Management

Last night, my brother-in-law brought this into my house:

It contains this game:

And I know understand how this happens:

I honestly cannot remember the last time a game made me so angry!! I was like a person possessed last night. I finally came to my senses and was like I HAVE to turn this off right now! Then I was so tense that it took me forever to calm down. Maybe it's a sign that I can be a little too competitive... though, I like to think of it as a sign that if I was ever forced to swordfight my way into a castle, I would be well-prepared!

In any case, I'm now suffering from a pretty horrific case of Wii-arm. And I still can't pass level 9 of the swordfighting. Good thing that I have a birthday party following ROA today, or I fear it would have been a repeat of last night.

Thank you so much dear brother-in-law for inspiring such rage in me... I'm only glad that the worst part of it happened after you and Em went home last night!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Oh, Greg Berlanti. You know me so well...

I mean, I know I'm a crier and all, but seriously Greg Berlanti... how much longer are you going to tug at my heartstrings. I used to sit in my apartment on the Upper East Side sobbing my hear out to Everwood and I'm now repeating that episode here in Astoria watching Brothers and Sisters.

Note: I wrote this a million years ago, but it's still pertinent today. Greg Berlanti owns my heart. End of story. And. I heart him.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Growing Family!

Best wishes and lots of love to my cousin Richard and his wife Jamie who gave birth to a healthy baby boy this morning in Chicago. I'm anxious to see pictures of this sure-to-be-adorable addition to the Evans Family Crew. Congratulations to you both!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ah ha! I found you!

What? Where have you been blog? I've been sitting here with all sorts of entertaining and hilarious stories, and you are nowhere to be found!

Anyway, all is forgiven blog of mine, since we are reunited at last.

What all has happened since we last checked in?
  • I moved to my own apartment
  • My sister got married and I gained a brother-in-law
  • I celebrated one year on Rock of Ages (my does time fly)
  • Finally finished my 2008 taxes. (a good 36 hours before the extension deadline, thank you very much)
  • I learned how to cook four dinner meals that don't involve cereal or Domino's (related to this: discovering that 1 cup of rice is A LOT of rice)
  • I got fun NYC visits from my cousins David, Meredith, Pat, and my cute goddaughter Kate
  • Ran my 100th mile on Nike + (go me!)
  • bought a vacuum cleaner (v grown up)
  • Had many rooftop parties
  • Headed back to choir (yay singing)
  • Got my ATPAM apprenticeship and three months (+ a year and a half) later FINALLY got my insurance card
  • Drank an unmeasurable amount of wine
  • Found a love of running on the treadmill at the gym, Glee, apple cider, the Q66 bus that goes right to Starbucks, Michael's and Home Depot
  • And finally spent countless hours sharing stories, laughter, and wine with my wonderful friends and family.
So, that's what I've been up to in a nutshell. I'm posting this before my blog gets another wise idea of running away. (PS Speaking of running, I'm up to 3.5 miles!)