Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally, A Part of It All

Exhausted, hungry, stressed, maybe a little cranky.

Happy, exhilarated, excited, nervous, overemotional, proud.

Today, I land on Broadway.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Now that I've finally achieved my Broadway goals, I should rename this blog the "I'll Update It When I Get Around To It" blog. Sorry all 3 of you faithful readers, but turns out putting on a Broadway musical takes up a lot of my time. Time I would normally be drinking wine and blogging, and obviously, neither of these things are happening enough.

I'm sitting here in the back row of the Brooks Atkinson watching the company tech "The Final Countdown." I hope ya'll have bought your tickets already. It's looking amazingly fierce. And speaking as someone who has sent THREE shows to Broadway, I obviously have really great taste in what looks great on the Great White Way!

Seriously though, every night that I sit here, I'm completely amazed that this entire thing is happening. For my non-theatrical readers, I wish I could explain just how many people it takes to open a show. There are a good 30 people in the theatre now, with 15 on stage, and countless others backstage. Or upstairs in the mezz, where our amazing makeup designer has set up her shop. Incredible. Let's pause for strobe lights, shall we. Amazing!

Let me take you on a journey of who's rockin' out at the Brooks tonight. To my right is one of our kick-ass producers Jen (see that beer in your hand...she helped arrange it!), to my left is our fearless leader, Leslie, go ahead, try to see that she had a baby SEVEN WEEKS ago. It's her Broadway debut as well. Big dreams people, big dreams. Next to her is our amazing press agent Leslie. She just sent us a possible opening night invite list with Bob Saget on it. Insane. Next to her is our Assoc Director/SM Adam. Try that double duty sometime!

In front of me are Phil, Mike, and Mike some of our production crew (sound, props, elex). And a house guy I don't know. (I should go introduce myself!)

In front of them Gregory, Karl, Julia our fearless (and sleep deprived costume designers - check out the lycra they had to find from all over the place), in the center section of the orch are Claudia and Justin - stage mgmt team extraordinaire. Kristin, Kelly, and Robert. Director, choreographer, and associate choreographer. They spend a lot of time up to the stage, down stage, in the house, in the mezz, oh, and also putting together this amazing show!! Behind them, Jason, Dricoll, and Barbara our 100% kickass lighting team are making magic happen. It's all pretty amazing.

*It should be mentioned I wrote this a million years ago. I'm posting it now because, well, because I need to get back into posting SOMETHING!