Thursday, June 11, 2009


Of course, my sister walked into the apartment, repaired the sink, vacuumed all our rugs, finished the dishes, did a load of laundry, and finished sending RSVP lists to my mom, all within 15 minutes of being at home. Just reason number 412 of why I have an appointment to view the apartment across the street from her tomorrow. If you can't beat them - join them!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So You Think You're Handy?

Just a quick anecdote for you readers to entertain your Wednesday nights, and also give you some insight into my mother/daughter relationship with Mom.

When I spoke to Mom this evening, she was just returning from meeting my friend Amber's mom for dinner at Pappadeaux. Apparently, there is a large storm approaching Arlington, so Amber's mom received about 50 phone calls as to her safety during said storm. My mom received zero and a brief, "Oh, I think someone mentioned that on Facebook" from me as I poured my second glass of wine. Needless to say, she will be taking cover at Mo's from now on if any threat of nature should dare to take over our beloved suburb again.

Anyway, as I was talking to her, I was trying to quick clean my apartment for the arrival of my cousin Susan. Thank god her flight is like three hours late, so I was able to have time to finish watching "So You Think You Can Dance" in between dishes and folding laundry. Anyway, as I was attempting to clean the sink while on the phone, the top of the sink plunger-thing spun off. In my attempt to "repair it" by spinning it back on, the entire plunger thing DISAPPEARED! I said to my mom, "Oh no, I broke my sink! How do I fix this?!" And I kid you not readers, she said to me, "Well, look under your sink for the... you know what, you should just wait for Emily to fix it." I paused for a second super offended that my mom would totally breeze over my ability to be handy,then took one look under my sink, poured my third glass of wine and texted Em to come home ASAP to fix the broken sink.

Seriously, if the shoe fits...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In case you were worried

Sims 3 is now loading on to my beloved MacBook. Sometimes, you just can't beat living in New York!

While I am waiting, there is a commercial on about free root beer float night at Sonic on June 3 from 8pm to midnight. There are also times where you can't beat living in the South! All my Texas friends, take advantage, and have one for me too please!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Midnight at the Mac Store

Good evening everyone! It's about 11:04pm, and I'm on my way home from a fun night at the Brooks Atkinson hosting none other than Paris Hilton. True Story! See photo at left! It started out as just another random day on the Broadway, but obviously, fancy people can't stay away! I have to admit, I was definitely on the naysayer side of "will she or won't she" come to the show, but she definitely arrived in style and stayed fro the whole show. No cutting out at intermission for this classy lady enjoying her first Broadway musical (what!!).

Anyway, in between settling the box office and overseeing photo shoots (ok, I didn't oversee, but Tracy did, and since we're Team Management, it's almost the same), the kick ass team from ROA gathered next door at our usual Trecolori haunt to catch up. This meeting of the all-star team included choerographers Kelly and Robert (looking totally AWESOME having just rolled in from the Astaire Awards), press agents extraordiaire Leslie and Matt, and let's face it, the most awesome co mgmt team on Broadway (Tracy, Caitlin, and Me). Can I just say, maybe other Broadway shows have the same thing going on, but I just have so much FUN when this group of people gets a chance to hang out. Anyway, much laughing, story-telling, and wine occured, then we all headed back to the theatre to catch the end of "Don't Stop" where we all proceeded to do the choerography in the back of the house. What can I say, I mean it when I say we're the coolest management and creative team around!

So, after watching the paparazi totally swarm the exit of our theatre waiting for Paris to make an appearance, I went were any other kick-ass company manager heads - my favorite place on earth, open 24 hours/day so people like me always have a place to feel at home - yes, that's right, the Apple Store! The same store that brought this ridiculous story to life! There are many things I enjoy about the Apple store. Mostly I love that it's 11:41pm and this store is totally crowded. I like feeling that I'm not the only one who likes to aimlessly wander the aisles and think, "Hm, maybe I do need another case for my iPod..." I mean, for real, I love that there is a place for people who are like, "Um, I need to buy a printer NOW!" Also, I love their free wi-fi and copious amounts of workspace for people who may or may not be waiting for midnight for a release of a certain upgrade of a time-addictive computer game. Don't judge. However, it is indeed 12 minutes before midnight, and I'm seeing no movement on any of the shelves around here. I mean, the Sims had an entire billboard up in Times Square for a month announcing its arrival. I would think it would warrant a little shelf space opening up.

In any case, it's giving me a little time to rock out here at my desk listening to the KICK ASS Original Cast Recording of Rock of Ages (available TODAY on iTunes). It's awesome. I'm on "High Enough" right now, and it's taking a lot for me not to burst out into song. (Wait, that's ALWAYS true).

Oh, I see ladders/shelf looking things coming out. What could this mean? Sims 3 coming out of storage!!! I thought I saw the grenish tint of my beloved Sims box shining at me from the closet behing the register.

WHAT! These guys are just changing light bulbs. UGH! There are SO MANY lights on in here. I think you can spare a few more people to give the thousands (ok, 2) people here that are hoping you are about to spend the next 6 minutes stocking the shelves with addictive time wasters.

Where was I? Oh yes, cast recording. How cool is that!! For a girl whose music collection is about 98% original cast recordings, to finally have my name attached to one (those W-4s didn't fill themselves out). Pretty much, it's amazing!!!

*More people going into the back room here. COME ON!*

Oh wait! What is happening! In the thirty seconds since I just typed that, people from all random corners of the store have begun forming a LINE! There's a line now! Is this for the game! I love this! It's like all these closet Sim fans coming out of their shells! Far be it from me not to get involved. I'll see you on the other side!!!