Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oh Wait, I have to Unpack this Pecan Pie from my Suitcase First

Oh la readers. It's my first Christmas to be celebrated with my family in two years, and I am so excited. This evening found me returning from work to my mom waiting in my apartment with apple cider, wine, cheese, and cookies. Is there anything better?

Oh yes: you may have heard about this. Keep your fingers crossed that your favorite ACM on the great Off-Broadway scene will soon be making a leap to the Brooks Atkinson theatre with her favorite 80s musical. It's worth saying that ALL THREE of my Off-Broadway CM jobs will be eligible for Tony Awards this year. I'm requiring a golden pony on my new Broadway deal.

I finally headed to the doctor this morning for this ridiculous cough that has been plaguing me for the last umpteen weeks. What promted this visit to the insanly lovely Hirschfeld Clinic (aka beautiful, wonderful doctors that treat my broke, uninsured self for free)? I finally had a coughing fit so awful the other morning that I pulled all of the muscles in my lower back. Ugh. Thankfully, the doctor said that would start feeling better once I stopped coughing. Thanks doc. I'm now on a cocktail of Sudafed, Claritin, Benedryl, and Advil. Oh, and wine. All seem to be helping. Let's hope that insane dose of antihistimines knocks this thing out for once and for all.

Did I mention I can't believe it's already 2 days before Christmas? I apologize to all family and friends for the fact that I haven't realized that. Especially to my 6 year-old goddaughter Kate, who's gift will be late. Thankfully, I haven't set the bar on timeliness very high, so I doubt she's expecting any less.

I think the Benedryl is kicking in, so I'm going to wrap up this entry. Stay warm everyone. It's chilly out there!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lazy Saturdays

Word. I love Saturday mornings. Being of the theatrical variety, my weekends are full of house seats and box office statements, but Saturday mornings can be spent lazily wandering about the apartment aimlessly cleaning, flipping through J Crew catalogs, paying attention to my beloved (but often pushed aside) TiVo, thinking about what my new apartment design theme will be (this is usually caused by my channel surfing landing on HGTV). It's such a peaceful time, and gives me a nice break to recharge and get ready to face the long weekends.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Hi readers. I'm writing tonight to ask a little. I'm facing a problem in my life. Let's call it the theatrical red tape. I don't know how to get through it. Or around it. Or to cut it. Or to find another path not blocked from it. You are all super successful, smart, wonderful people. Any words of wisdom?

Though, I think I've unwound myself from this particular piece of red tape, I'm sure it won't be the last time I face it in my theatrically marvelous career. I'd still love all of your brilliant advice!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Blogging for the sake of a new entry

Oh, I don't really have much to chat about today, but I thought writing beats doing house seat orders. I'm sitting here in the office with Jason, and the Young Frankenstein CM and the Hairspray ACM (soon to be rockin' it over on the Rock of Ages!). We're all just busy doing our things. I'm trying to beat a level of this insane balloon game I found via Stumble. (Aside: I'm addicted to Stumble).

I still have it open on my computer from like 5 weeks ago when I started this entry. My New Year's Resolution is to write more, so I'm going back through my blog entries that I've started, but not finished and sending them out into the world. Hit me up in the comments if you found this one, since I post-dated them! Sneaky!