Monday, January 26, 2009


It's true, it's true. I've been neglecting you dear blog. I have no reason, but here I am, back to tell the masses what I've been up to lately. This wonder cough/cold that I've been suffering through since Thanksgiving seems to FINALLY be running itself out. Thanks to Dr. Mendoza for the drugs. I have no idea what it was, but for the love, it's about time it's over. I'm still taking the meds lest the virus think it still has time to win out. Suck it virus!!

In better news, I am indeed on my way to the Great White Way!! I've officially been hired by Rock of Ages to bring my house seat/travel planning/debit credit skills to the Broadway. I still don't think this has set in yet. I've been working in New York for almost 7 years to make it to this very goal, and now that it's here, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. I will say that everytime I've walked through the stage door of the Brooks Atkinson, I've gone a little insane on the inside. They have all the show posters up on the wall, and I see all these amazing shows (
She Loves Me, anyone?) When the marquis goes up, it will make it finally real, I think. We have a marketing meeting on Tuesday afternoon, where we'll get our first glimpses at the new art. Also, keep your eyes posted on Times Square. Rumor has it, Rock of Ages will be gracing it's own billboard. Can you handle it? It's all pretty exciting!!

Apart from th
at, life continues on as normal, I suppose. I attempted to start my running again this morning. My aforementioned cough almost got me to quit early, but I persevered. Yay for me. I mean, I do have to be in a strapless bridesmaid dress this summer. Not to mention my impeding 30th birthday and first Broadway opening night. I've got to kick it into gear.

I do have one heartbreaking loss to post. My beloved TiVo has indeed died on me. It tried to hang on for me, but after a few days, it is apparent that it is indeed dead. Thankfully, I start on the Broadway contract tomorrow, so in addition to health insurance (thank the LORD), I will hopefully be making a slightly fancier Broadway ACM salary and will be able to replace it soon. I honestly don't know how I've gone so long without it. I suppose I've just been planning to be home on the nights my favorite shows are on. SO lame. I can't handle it. TiVo 2.0 and I will soon be introduced. I'm looking forward to the day.

Ok, I'm off to bed. The upside of my TiVo being dead is that I actually just go to sleep at night instead of trying to watch all the shows I've recorded. I seriously can't continue on like that. Night all.