Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally, A Part of It All

Exhausted, hungry, stressed, maybe a little cranky.

Happy, exhilarated, excited, nervous, overemotional, proud.

Today, I land on Broadway.


jyesalive said...

Susan, Thanks SO MUCH for letting us peak behind the scenes at ROA. I'm a huge C fan and saw this incredibly fun(and 'legimate') show a few times (like 10) at NWS. I'll be making the trip back to NYC (from the other side of the country)for opening week to see ROA on Broadway- where it belongs!

Don't suppose there will be rush tix for April 7th?? haha

Congratulations to you and the entire cast and crew, and keep those little treats and tweets coming!
see ya soon!

Annie said...

I've been waiting for an update!!!! WELCOME TO THE BLOCK!

Annie said...

CONGRATS!! I have been waiting for this post!!

nancy said...

Don't forget to eat!

Mom said...

Don't forget to eat!

Anonymous said...

Are you eating?